Welcome to BBTea Bar.

A unique mobile food trailer business established in October 2017 selling bubble tea, barista coffee, gourmet teas, cold drinks and a selection of tasty treats. Look out for us, we may pop up anywhere, anytime.

Events and Catering 

Please contact us if you’d like us to attend your special celebration- birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, christenings, Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve or any other special occasion.

BBTea Bar can be booked for corporate events and fund raisers- sports carnivals, wind up events, seasonal community celebrations, club days, markets, food truck events, festivals, concerts, community shows, pageants, church and youth group events, social club events, children’s and adult celebrations alike, rodeos, pony club, horse and harness racing days. The list is endless, you create the occasion, we will be there.


If you would like us to attend your workplace for your coffee fix / smoko break please use our contact details to get in touch, we would love to establish a regular coffee/ bubble tea round.

Latest News! Calendar of Events

Please check our Facebook pages regularly as we update our daily locations if we are out and about.


Let us introduce ourselves, we are Mark and Steph, partners in life and the BBTEA BAR, our mobile food trailer business. We are passionate about bubble tea and great barista coffee and have become the proverbial travelling gypsies, taking our delicious bubble tea, coffee and tea as well as some other tasty treats to those in need.

Mark introduced Steph to bubble tea in January 2017 and from that first sip she vowed that this delicious drink dessert was something so new and exciting that it definitely needed sharing with the world. Asking around their group of friends, acquaintances and even their 3 sons’ group of friends they discovered that they might indeed be onto something with most never having heard of bubble tea much less tasted it. It took several months to determine just how they were going to be trail blazers in new territory (the Peel Region and southwards) then the idea of their own little food van gained momentum. The stars aligned and the universe spoke…. So their journey began

What is bubble tea?  

Bubble Tea is a refreshing tea based drink that originated in Taiwan in the 1980s and has since successfully made its way across the world conquering Asia, the USA and Europe. It took a little longer for Australia to catch on, firstly on the East Coast and now many different bubble tea franchises have opened up in Perth and the outer metropolitan suburbs. Most major suburban shopping centres have at least one bubble tea store, certainly in Asian circles it is widely known and sought after.

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Our contact details are at the bottom of the page feel free to give us some feed back, ask a question or make a booking. We can also be contacted via Messenger on Facebook, click on the link below if that is your preferred method of contact. We have 2 Facebook pages- BBtea Bar and BBTea Bar- Mobile Coffee and Bubble Tea. We can be messaged on either.